Academic Publications

  • “Taqi al-Din ibn Ma’ruf”, encyclopedia entry for Oxford Encyclopedia for Islam and Philosophy, Science, and Technology, Oxford University Press.(forthcoming)
  • “Middeleeuwse Arabische Chemie” (Medieval Arabic Chemistry), NVOX Magazine (Magazine of the Dutch Society for Education in the Natural Sciences), 8 (2012)
  • “İslam Sanatında Geometrik Desenler”, Türk-İslâm Medeniyeti Akademik Araştırmalar Dergisi, 15 (2013), pp. 101-112

Popular History & History of Science

  • “Yemen’in Alim Sultanlari” (The Scientist Sultans of Yemen) , Yedikita Magazine (Turkish), May, 2012, Istanbul, Turkey
  • “Nederland en Turkije voor 1612” (The Netherlands and Turkey before 1612) , BenIk Magazine (Dutch), May 2012,  pag 16-19.

The first two pages of my article in BenIk magazine, discussing the events leading to the first capitulation granted by the Ottoman Empire to the Netherlands and the first official relations between Turkey and the Netherlands.

  • De expulsie van de Moslims uit Spanje (1609): Een vergeten tragedie en een les voor nu ( The expulsion of the Muslims from Spain (1609): A forgotten tragedy and a lesson for now) . BenIk Magazine (Dutch), October, 2012


  • The Prince and the Pasha, (co-author & translation into Turkish) catalog of the exhibition “The Prince and the Pasha” at the National Archives of the Netherlands organized for the celebration of 400 years diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Turkey.

A picture of the catalogue of the exhibition “The Prince and the Pasha” at the National Archives co-authored by me. The catalogue is written in three languages: Dutch, Turkish and English. It can be obtained from the desk at the National Archives.

  • Het Astrolabium in de Lage Landen : Adriaan Metius over de Constructie en ‘t Gebruik van het Planisferisch Astrolabium  (The Astrolabe in the Low Countries: Adriaan Metius on the Construction and Use of the Planispheric Astrolabe), (forthcoming)

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